John and Kathy Boehm
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Wheels, Rims, and

Tires for Various Tractors


TIRES: Please note that shipping costs on tires is high and rarely makes economic sense. Best if you can pick them up here in Woodland, CA



Both of these 11.2-34 tires are free, both held air when removed, but are in poor condition.

Sonic 11.2-34, has a good boot at the indicated cut, will hold air and be usable for moving a tractor around, includes tube, $25


11.2-34, has good tread, one small tear at sidewall that does not go through, includes tube, $50



Armstrong 12.4-28, very good condition, with tube, $150


Goodyear 12.4-28, good condition, tire is sound and holds air, but has the sidewall cracking shown, $60


12.4-28 Goodyear Turf tire, very good condition, $150

Matching 12.4-28 Goodyear Turf tire,held air when removed but poor condition, free


10-24 (Same as 11.2-34)

Matched pair of Goodyear 10-24 (same size as 11.2-24) tires. Good tread, some weatherchecking, includes tubes (tubes may need some attention), $100 for the pair





Pair of matching 12.4-24 tires with tubes, 95% tread, nice condition, $250/pair



Powermark 12.4-24 Very good condition, with tube, $135


Goodyear 12.4-24, 70% tread, slight wetherchecking, with tube, $60



BF Goodrich 12.4-42 tire#2 in very good condition with good tube, $250


7.50-18 tire and tube, some weatherchecking, $25


13-30 tire with good tube, Free if you pick it up here


7.50-16 sound condition, $15


Above are two different rims that appear to have been cut off from JD A steel wheels, the rims are 50" diameter and ?" wide, $80 each