John and Kathy Boehm
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Massey-Harris External Parts:
Sheet Metal, Frame and Serial Tags, Gas Tank, Air Cleaner, Seat, Drawbar


Grille #2 in excellent condition, $110


Three views of a very nice grille #1, $90


Hood #2 in very nice condition, no cuts, no rust, one easily repaired dent at yellow circle, $140

Hood #1, nice and straight, but it has one cut area at the radiator filler hole, $120

850 773 M1, Latch for Hood, $15

Top cover with tool box lid, $40

Top cover at tool box, $20

Left fender #4, $20

Left fender #1, some rust through behind the fender bracket, $20

Right hand fender #2, $45

Left and right fender mounting brackets, $10 each, both sides available

- -
Dash, $25, your choice


Gas cap, $7, your choice

Gas line, $5

Fuel tank and hood support bracket, $18

Pony tage #PGA17154, $20

PGS4133, $20