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John Deere GP Parts

LH main bearing housing, AC161R, C33R, with cap and bearings, $30, note brazed repair in second photo

RH Main bearing housing, AC162R, C32R, with cap and bearings, $30

C35R, $10

C138R, Oil Slinger, $10

Oil suction pipe, $8

AC667R Governor weight, $15

AD343R air stack, as-is, $20

C1503R Bracket to mount air cleaner to head, $11

Two views of AC1120R radiator core for 1931 and later GP, GPO, GPWT, used and as-is, $40

AC1109R Radiator core for up through 1930 GP, used and as-is, will need some tubes repaired, plus cleaning, as-is, $40


C256R, Radiator top tank, excellent condition, $140 (68 lbs)

C1023R radiator screen, $5

C2050R bracket (upper) and C2051R frpom a partial AC828R, $30 both brackets


C172R, $35

C171R Clutch fork with D100R Clutch collar, very good condition, $120

C74R clutch dog, $16

D377R Springs for clutch adjusting disk, $5 each, two available

AC699R, Dust shield, $35, no cuts or repairs, not rusted

C957R, $10

C184R, Pulley and spline gear cover, $35 (45 lb)

C207R, Sliding Pinion, High and Intermediate, $60

C228R, Sliding gear, Power Shaft Drive, $30

C490R, LH Cover, Spline shaft, $9

AC458R, Reverse Shaft, $10

AC73R, Reverse Gear with bushing, $40

AC210R, Idler gear with bushing (on Reverse shaft), $30


C686R, Shifing fork shaft, $9

AC71R Shift Fork, C133R, Low and Reverse, complete, $30
AC72R Shift Fork, C132R, High and Intermediate, complete, $30

GP transmission shifter fork, $20

GP transmission shift lever, $20

Differential Cases: AC947R Pilot Side and AC948R Recess Side, $25 each, or both for $40

AC951R, Bevel Side Gear, $2 available, $20 each or both for $35

AC949R Differential Pinion Spider, $15
AC950R Differential Pinion Gears (4 available), $10 each

AC150R, Intermediate Gear with C210R Spider, $75

AC149R, High and low gears with C211R spider, $100

Special bolt and castellated nut to bolt AC149R and AC150R together, 8 sets, $3 per set

C350R, $15

C271R Right and C272R Left brake shaft, $15 each

Left hand brake guard, it is worn down on one edge, rust pitted, and sold as-is for $10

Differential shaft quill, LH, $35

Rear axle sprocket, $20

Rear axle chain, $30

Rear axle, $60

C484R Quill bolt clamp, $5

Separator plates, $25 each

Rear wheel #2, for GP 1930 and older, very good condition, note there is a small repair at the rim seam, $200 (180 lb - can ship truck freight)


Early style rear wheel, cut off from steel wheel, 8x24" rims, very nice, $100, one available, can ship UPS (95 lb)

C112R collar for steering column support, $5


Radius rods, $50



25 pounds of bolts, nuts, washers, and other hardware from tractor disassembly. It includes many of the old style heavy headed nuts and bolts. All hardware is from John Deere Model A, B, H, L, LA, 40, and/or M tractors. $25 for all and I can ship in a flat rate box for an additional $17, total of $42.