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Parts for John Deere Model B

Parts for both early styled (s.n. 60,000-201,000) and late styled B (s.n.>201,000). Many parts listed and pictured here, but many others available, too. If you don't see what you need, e-mail and ask!!

Click on the links below for specific parts with photos and prices:

John Deere B Engine Parts

John Deere B Transmission, Drive Train, and Brake Parts

John Deere B Wheels, Front End, and Steering Parts

John Deere B Sheet Metal, Radiator, Air Cleaner, Drawbar, and Other External Parts

John Deere B Electrical Parts

John Deere B Hydraulic and Implement Parts

Unstyled B Parts

Slant dash electrical system-


B1695R Slant dash with B2092R transmission cover, no breaks or repairs. $200


Delco 1107424 starter used on slant dash B and on BO, works good, $160


B1596R breather body, $25 and B1598R (AB1848R) Breather cover, $15

B1596R breather body, $25

B1598R (AB1848R) Breather cover, $15

Two pieces D2911R to make a belt pulley on the fanshaft for the generator, $40

B1593R generator bracket (note the brazed repair at the yellow arrow), $30


30 pounds of bolts, nuts, washers, and other hardware from tractor disassembly. It includes many of the old style heavy headed nuts and bolts. All hardware is from John Deere Model A, B, H, L, LA, and/or M tractors. $25 for all and I can ship in a flat rate box for an additional $15, total of $40.