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Parts for John Deere Model A - Engine Parts



DLTX71 Gasoline carburetor #2 for A584000 and up, has been disassembled completely, all passages including the nozzle thoroughly cleaned, and reassembled using new gaskets as needed, $325

A577R Flywheel nut and Spade lug socket wrench, $80, fits A, D, and G tractors, $80

Used compression release valve, $20, two for $35

A2329R Head gasket, used but usable, $15

A2344R connecting rods with shims, very good condition, $70 each

A2338R set #2 standard bore pistons, $30 each or $60/pair

- -

A3530R piston, 5 1/2" standard bore gasoline pistons, with piston pin (#1 does not have a pin), $30 each

- -

A3282R standard bore piston, six available, three shown, $30 each

B1608R Starter ratchet, no breaks or repairs, $50

B1608R Starter ratchet, no breaks or repairs, $50, this one is the thinner version


A3264R flywheel, very good condition, good splines, good ring gear, similar to above, $100 (127 lb.)

A2360R crankshaft #3 very good splines flywheel end, splines need attention on clutch end, good bearing surfaces, $40


A3322R Crankshaft #1 for A over 584000, with very good bearing sufaces and very good splines on crankshaft end, splines on driving disk end show some wear, as-is, $45


A3322R Crankshaft #2 for A over 584000, with very good bearing sufaces and very good splines on crankshaft end, splines on driving disk end will need to be built up and machined, as-is, $25

A3312R flywheel nut, used and usable, $12

For A >584000, Oil slinger cover, $10, Oil slinger $10


Bearing housing with good bearings and shims, both A2884R and A3265R or A2885R available, $40 each, If you need only the bearings, I can remove them from the housings to save weight and shipping cost.

A302R Shim packs for main bearings

A2326R 5/8 x 7 3/16" stud for block to head, $7 each

Head Nut, $1 each or 9 for $6


Aftermarket Gas manifold for A under 584000, to replace A2383R, very good condition, $25


A3388R manifold for A over 584000, good condition, but need to have threestuds removed and gasket surface resurfaced, $40


A4039R manifold #1, very good condition, $85

AA4014R Exhaust pipe for A over 584000, good used, $20

AA2214R used muffler, inside baffle is good, $20

A1386R muffler casting for AR/AO, as-is, $15

A2093R drain plug for head, $9

Retainer clips for valves, $8/pair
Valve spring: $2
Cap, $2

Intake and exhaust valves, $10 each

Tappet assembly $80

A2346R Tappet lever, $9

F2559R Adjusting screw, $19

A2349R Shaft, $5

A2350R Bracket, $10

D376R Spring, $4
24H248R Washer. $1
A602R Snap ring. $2

Tappet oiler, $25

Special stud for tappet assembly and valve cover, $7

A2363R stud for tappet assembly and valve cover, $7

A2354R Oil Outlet washer, $12.50

A4227R Oil Outlet washer, $12.50

A30R Camshaft gear, good teeth, no chips, no breaks or repairs, no broken off bolts, $45

A3583R (asbove s.n. 630323) or A1142R camshaft (s.n. 477000-620323), $40

A355R spring at the send of the camshaft, $10

A3582R camshaft left side bearing cap, $5

Cam followers, $5 each, $16 for set of 4

A1595R Cam Follower guide with oil pump drive gear, $20

A1290R Push rods, $5 each, set of 4 for $18

Original acorn nut for valve cover, $3 each

Valve cover, A > 584000, $10

A3206T oil line with AA4936R elbow, $10


Oil line to oil gauge, $8, your choice

A2330R pipe in cylinder block with A2356R Connector, $20

AA280R Oil pipe to LH main bearing, $15

AA281R OIl Pipe to LH Main bearing, $20

AA819R Oil pipe to governor, $25

AA802R Oil pipe Pump discharge, $15

Engine oil lines, $20 each for individual lines.
AA3993R, AA3991R, AA3989R, AA3990R, AA3988R, AA6476R

AA6476R, oil line to oil pressure gauge, $20

AA5120R (above #694827) or AA3988R (up to #694827), oil line to RH main bearing, $20

AA3989Roil line to LH main bearing, $20

AA3991R Oil line to governor, $20

AA6476R Oil line to oil indicator, $20

AA3993R Oil Line to tappet levers, $20

E1994R Connector, $5

AA3990R Oil line , oil pump discharge, $15

D2440R Connector, $6

A1252R Governor connector, $5

Oil filter head with A1277R casting number on top piece, for A under 584,000, $60

Oil pump, $35, tested and pumps oil

R20248R (A1152R) Oil filter housing, $25

AA2096R Oil filter outlet, $15

Oil filter bottom with nut, spring, and plate (missing snap ring), $40

A522R Oil filter cover, $6

Oil filter bottom nut, $6

D793R and D794R Oil level test cock, $10

Shorter choke rod for A over 584000, $20

Gas line for A over 584000, $15

A3394R Crankcase cover, A over 584,000, $10

A2232R Crankcase cover, $30, similar to above,no breaks or repairs

A2233R Breather, used with A2246R cover, $25

A2234R cover for A2233R breather, $12.50

Core for above breather, $12.50

A3039R breather body, $15, similar to above, no breaks or repairs

A2233R brather housing, $20

A2234R cover, $10

D1952R Breather filter, $12

Breather cap, $15

AA359R crankcase breather cap, $18

Breather cap clamp $5 each and springs, $2 each

C1438R spring on throttle lever shaft, new, $7

A80R throttle lever, $20

A1184R throttle rod, $14 - Please give me the overall length of your rod, so I can be sure to send the right one!

14 1/4" Throttle rod, $12 - Please give me the overall length of your rod, so I can be sure to send the right one!

Short throttle rod, $12

A3355R throttle rod for A > 584000, $14 - Please give me the overall length of your rod, so I can be sure to send the right one!


13 inch throttle rod, $12

26 inch throttle rod, $14

Choke rod and support bracket for A above sn 662729. $30 for all

A3298R 41 inch Choke rod A 584000-662728, $25, your choice


AA3717R fan, $19, you choice

B2122R keeper $10
D1720R retainer lock, $5 each half

B2123R fan disk, $19

D399R Friction washer, $6

A4059R Fan Drive Cup, $9


Two views of B2124R fan pulley, no breaks or repairs, excellent splines, $50

B2874R pulley, good splines, $30

A3066R spring, $8

B298R felt retainer and washer, $10

A846R spring, $6
B2121R reatiner, $7
D1736R washer, $3

A3066R spring, $5


Fan bearing set for front of fan JD7656R,JD7657R, and JD7655R, $20


Ventilator pump with B2644R Body, B2640R Housing, and B2830R cover, $35

Ventilator pump with A4188R cover and A4189R Housing, $35

A3055R Housing, $15

AF637R Fanshaft housing, $25, your choice


A3668R Fan shaft, $35, your choice

JD7657R bearing for governor and fanshaft, $15


Two views of A1177R fan gear, teeth in very good condition, $120


A844R Fan support, $9

A2112R center plate. $15

A2166R Ventilator tube, $25

AA4035R Ventilator Inlet Pipe, $20

AA4033R Ventilator Outlet pipe, $20

A41R end cap for governor, $10

A1241R arm with other governor parts, $15

Governor arm and shaft, $15

A3408R Speed control lever, A>584000, $10


Internal governor parts for A over 584000 #2, A3339R and A3268R gears are good, $120

Internal governor parts for A over 584000, A3339R and A3268R gears are good, one weight is missing, $50

A3268R governor drive gear with good weights, negligible play in weight pins, $45

AC667R governor weights, negligible play in weight pins, $20 each; two available

A3339R bevel gear with governor shaft, gear in good condition, $40

A3286R governor arm and shaft, $15

A2495R Shoulder bolt, $2 each

A2422R Governor case, $20

A3267R Late A governor case, $20

Governor end cap with JD7657R bearing, $30

Governor to throttle rod, $15