John and Kathy Boehm
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Hydraulic, Three point, Implement Parts for John Deere Model 1010



AA3754R Plug bracket, $15

T15883T hydraulic line

T15396T elbow with M3250T flange, $15

AT13587T Oil line to power steering valve, $30

AT13588T Oil line to power steering valve, $30

AM1917T Right control lever with knob, $15

AM1916T Left control lever with knob, $15

M1820T Quadrant, $30

M2101T Segment (two pieces), $20

M2137T Right crank arm with M554T connecting rod, $25

M2138T Left crank arm with M554T connecting rod, $25

M2851T left lift arm, $25

M3167T inner lift arm, $25

M3166T right lift arm, $25

T11297T special bolt and 24H1374A flat washer (to hold arms to rockshaft), $9 per set


M2212T spring, $30

M1743T Left lift link, $20

M2653T Lift link fork, $20

M2437T housing with shaft and worm gear, $30


AM14162T Drawbar support assembly, no cuts or repairs, $65

M2084T bolt and nut used on sway chain, both show wear, $5 each