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John Deere Model 440I gasoline wheel tractor with Blackwelder forklift
Serial # 458991
Model Year 1960




Here is a video of the tractor starting and running. The forklift was operated in lift, tilt, and side shift modes. It was a really windy day and you can hear the wind howling in the background.

This tractor is a 1960 Model 440I gasoline powered wheel tractor with a forklift made by Blackwelder Manufacturing in Rio Vista California. Blackwelder Manufacturing, in conjunction with University of California at Davis, developed one of the first commercially successful processing tomato harvester around the same time this forklift was produced. At that time the tomatoes were harvested into bins, so their production of a forklift to go along with the harvester made sense. Included is the orignal Blackwelder operating manual and parts catalog.

This tractor has been reconditioned mechanically and starts easily, and runs and drives well. It has a front, engine driven hydraulic pump (always live power as long as the engine is running) to operate the forklift and all functions (lift, tilt, and side shift) work. The lift height is 80 inches at the forks.
The tractor is very easy to drive with the factory power steering. The clutch, transmission, and brakes all work very well. It has good 16.9-26 rear turf tires. It has a new alternator and is currently running on 12 volts. It also has a new water pump.
The starter was just rebuilt, the lights work, and it even has the factory optional and working cigar lighter. It has good sheet metal and a nice unmodified front end. It also has the factory optional remote hydraulic control unit. The paint job is fair. About the only things it still needs is a new paint job.Many of the hydraulic hoses on the forklift were recently replaced and they are not leaking. The main lift cylinder on the forklift was also rebuilt by Valley Hydraulics in Woodland with all new seals.

This is a very unique, probably one of a kind tractor and it belongs in your personal collection. It is located in Woodland, California. I can help you with loading it onto your trailer.


Located in Woodland, CA